Pre-School Classes


Ages 3 and 4

Class 1A & 1B- Consists of ballet, creative movement and tumbling.

Classes 2A, 2B, 3A & 3B- Consists of ballet,tap, creative movement.

These classes provides a firm foundation for any type of dance a child may wish to pursue. The variety of subject matter offered maintains a high level of interest. stimulates progress and builds self-esteem. Morning and afternoon classes are available.


Combination Classes

Ages 5 and Up

Combination - Most of our students are enrolled in combination classes. consisting of tap, ballet and jazz. The younger students attend class once a week; older students attend twice a week. (ballet on one day and tap and jazz on the other). Participation in combination classes produces a well-rounded dancer.

Ballet - The basis for all types of dance that contributes directly to the development of grace, poise, balance and discipline.

Pointe - For the serious, experienced ballet student, selected by the instructor on the basis of body type. shape of feet. experience and determination. pointe shoes should be checked by the instructor before being used in class.

Tap - A form of dance wherein rhythmic sounds are created by the feet teaching the student rhythm, timing and balance.

Jazz - A free-style form of dance combining ballet, tap and acrobatic movements. Develops strength and endurance in the student

Hip-Hop - A fun class that teaches all the latest street dances resulting in improved body conditioning and self esteem.